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Drupal ^8: Remove all unused modules from your composer.json file

It is quite often during developing phase to install, try and then uninstall various contributed (or custom) modules. After the development is done and you want to clean things up and make sure no extra disabled modules are sitting around your drupal website, this is what you have to do.

drush pm-list --type=Module --status="disabled,not installed" --no-core

After running the above drush command, this is what i got. Now if you look carefully you will notice that there are some modules that come together bundled with their "parent" module. Like Toolbar and  Admin Toolbar Links Access Filter (admin_toolbar_links_access_filter) etc. So before start typing composer remove drupal/whatever make sure that you are not trying to remove a "submodule" like this.

  Package                           Name                                                                    Status     Version        
 --------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- --------------- 
  Administration                    Admin Toolbar Links Access Filter (admin_toolbar_links_access_filter)   Disabled   8.x-2.5        
  Administration                    Admin Toolbar Search (admin_toolbar_search)                             Disabled   8.x-2.5        
  Spam control                      CAPTCHA (captcha)                                                       Disabled   8.x-1.2        
  Spam control                      Image CAPTCHA (image_captcha)                                           Disabled   8.x-1.2        
  Testing                           captcha long form id test module (captcha_long_form_id_test)            Disabled   8.x-1.2        
  Testing                           Captcha Test (captcha_test)                                             Disabled   8.x-1.2        
  Field types                       Color Field (color_field)                                               Disabled   8.x-2.5        
  Chaos tool suite                  Chaos Tools (ctools)                                                    Disabled   8.x-3.7        
  Chaos tool suite (Experimental)   Chaos Tools Blocks (ctools_block)                                       Disabled   8.x-3.7        
  Other                             Entity Mask (ctools_entity_mask)                                        Disabled   8.x-3.7        
  Chaos tool suite (Experimental)   Chaos Tools Views (ctools_views)                                        Disabled   8.x-3.7        
  Development                       Devel Generate (devel_generate)                                         Disabled   4.1.1          
  Development                       Web Profiler (webprofiler)                                              Disabled   4.1.1          
  Other                             Extra Field (extra_field)                                               Disabled   8.x-1.3        
  Other                             Extra Field Example (extra_field_example)                               Disabled   8.x-1.3        
  Migration                         Field Group Migrate (field_group_migrate)                               Disabled   8.x-3.2        
  Fields                            Field Group (field_group)                                               Disabled   8.x-3.2        
  Other                             Font Awesome Iconpicker Widget (fontawesome_iconpicker_widget)          Disabled   8.x-2.19       
  Other                             Font Awesome Media Entity (fontawesome_media)                           Disabled   8.x-2.19       
  Field types                       Form Options Attributes (form_options_attributes)                       Disabled   8.x-1.2