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Drush: Cleaning up orphaned paragraph (revisions)

This is how you can get rid off this annoying message from leftover paragraphs when you run "drush cim".

 [error]  Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigImporterException: There were errors validating the config synchronization.
Olemi tüübi <em class="placeholder">Paragraph</em> ja <em class="placeholder">Paragraph type</em> <em class="placeholder">SOME PARAGRAPH</em> entities have been created for, they must be removed before importing. in Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigImporter->validate() (line 759 of /var/www/html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/ConfigImporter.php). 

you can run:

 drush errp 

and select "Paragraph" from the available options in terminal.