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laziness,[lazy] (adj) the right to freedom of thought, driven by an aversion to workaholism and the corporate philosophy Snail (n) moving without legs refusing to give up trying, always carrying its house on its back; struggling to catch up with the increasingly rapid pace of life There is a bright idea behind every little thing in life, Believe in it and make it shine. We are a company of people from different places, with different backgrounds, philosophies and talents. We create brands, design visual material, develop communication strategies and manage public sector projects. But most of all we manage ideas. We listen to our clients’ needs and generate ideas. We then organize them and make them complete, relevant and attractive. And we return them to the clients to share them with their own clients. Because only ideas stand the test of time and can be adapted to any medium and channel of communication that will serve our purposes each time. Because ideas, even today, are hard to find. This is what makes ideas so dear, to us, our clients and our clients’ clients.