HPS of Crete

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The Cretan section of the Hellenic Photographic Society (H.P.S.) was founded in Iraklio in 1964. Love for the art of photography prompted a group of people to set as their goal the further expansion of this art form, along with the initiation into its secrets of as many others as possible. In the early days of its establishment meetings were held on the private premises of its members until a suitable permanent building could be rented. These are the same premises as those in use today, just as the Society’s aims have remained unchanged. The H.P.S. has welcomed hundreds of members into its ranks who have both dedicated much to, and received much from , photography. The members of the H.P.S. work in a variety of jobs and professions but all share the same love of artistic photography and are noted for their amateur passion. The H.P.S. has a history of long term involvement in exhibitions of photography, locally, nationally and on an international scale. The frequency of awards made to members in the above mentioned exhibitions is proof of steady endeavour as well as the assiduous efforts that take place at the H.P.S. Thus, it cannot be considered as mere chance when, in an international exhibition, a piece of work by a member of the H.P.S. is selected for an award over that of 4, 000 to 5,000 others.
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