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Drush: Re-installing (reload) the install config for a specific module

I had an issue with updating a migration config csv file. The project I am working on, is using the Migrate Source CSV module and after updating the config/install/migrate_plus.migration.articles.yml migration csv file, nothing was working. No updates although the migration throught the csv import was ok. No errors, nothing in the log, no hint about what could be wrong with this. The update was about adding some extra fields in the csv file but nothing was happening after each import.

After disabling and re enabling the module I realised that I was back in business but I did not like the idea of having to do this all the time so I thought that maybe drush and drush cim could help me with this and suprise: IT DID :)

So here is the solution:

If you want to re-install (reload) the install config for a specific module you can use this drush command:

drush cim --partial --source=modules/custom/my_custom_module/config/install

And here is the official drush link

custom module