Views and Taxonomy Terms Translation

Have you ever searched “Views” for a way to filter the taxonomy terms by language (as done for nodes), but you didn't find a way to do it? Does “Views” also support that filter in taxonomies or only in nodes? How can I filter the taxonomy terms by language? Well guess what! “Views” does not do this by default, but it should not be difficult for a drupal web developer. You can add a mini module for this exact purpose. Before you apply the code below you should check the following: First: Have you enabled the (i18n) Internationalization Module? ( and the Taxonomy Translation Submodule? Second: Have you enabled the “Translate. Different terms will be allowed for each language and they can be translated.” in the vocabulary page? If you have a vocabulary named: categories you should find this option at the url below: admin/structure/taxonomy/categories/edit Third: Translate the taxonomy terms, one for each language e.g house (english) will be translated into κατοικία (greek). And that’s it. You are ready.
function mysuperawesomemodule_views_query_alter(&$view, &$query) {
 if (
$view->name == 'myviewname') {
$query->where[] = array(
'conditions' => array(array(
'field' => 'taxonomy_term_data.language',
'value' => array("$lang"),
'operator' => 'in',
'args' => array(),
'type' => 'AND',
The "if" language should be changed according with the "languages" you have enabled.
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