Redirect a view to another view using the node title field


This mini hack is actually used in my website . The reason for doing this and sharing it online is because i believe that this a good example of  minimal use of resources , since we use the minimum set of options or settings that we can in order to use a feature like this . What i did was to redirect the view page /photoshop_samples to the view page  /photoshop/[ nid ] by using the node-title as a link and rewriting the output of this field . How i did it? I added an extra field ( [nid] ) with the option Exclude from display enabled . As shown below .

Then i customized the node title views field as shown below .

And you are ready ! If you want to know why i added the [nid] at the end of the path photoshop/[nid] it's because i use the nid as an argument to catch the node that the view will "show" from the link !

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