I am a new Mac user , how about Putty or something similar?


When i migrated from PC to Mac i was searching for the equivalent of Putty ( for PC ) . I did a mini search at the application store but nothing relevant came up . Google was quiet to ( i was searching with the wrong keywords obviously ) . So what was i doing wrong ? Well , mac does not need Putty because it already has one :) ( at least for the Mac OS X v. 10.6.x and later as far as i know but i believe that older mac os x should have the Open SSH client ) .Ok then , and how do we use it ? Just keep reading ;) . . . 

How to use SSH for MAC OS X

Mac uses the OpenSSH client which is a remote login program for the Mac OS X Terminal.Briefly what the OpenSSH does is to set up a secure encrypted connection between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.This is a secure way of logging into a remote machine and executing your powerful commands on that remote machine.

Where do i find it ?

The application is located in Utilities folder within Application.You just launch the Terminal Application on your computer . When the command-line comes up you are ready ! Ok and how do i connect remotely to another computer ? Type "ssh user@hostname" or "ssh user@IPOFCOMPUTER" ( exclude the quotaion mark ) .You are prompted for a password for the remote machine. Enter the user's password. You are connected to the remote machine and can execute commands remotely.

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