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Create a subtheme with radix 4.x and ^drush 8.x

Quick start for Drupal 8:
  • Download and enable components: composer require drupal/components.
  • Download and enable radix: composer require drupal/radix, vendor/bin/drush en -y radix (from now on where drush = vendor/bin/drush)
  • Create a subtheme: drush --include="web/themes/contrib/radix" radix:create SUBTHEME NAME. (do not forget to add /web/ if you are running drush as vendor package from /root folder
  • Set default theme: drush en SUBTHEME_NAME -y; drush config-set system.theme default SUBTHEME_NAME -y.
  • Install required modules: cd /path/to/SUBTHEME_NAME; npm install;.
  • Update proxy in /path/to/SUBTHEME_NAME/webpack.mix.js.
  • Run: npm run watch.
In case popper is missing or getting weird messages in the terminal try this: change the last mix.js of your subtheme.js (in src/js/subtheme.js) from mix.js('src/js/microct.script.js', 'js'); to mix.js('src/js/microct.script.js', 'js').sourceMaps();
radix subtheme