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Views and Taxonomy Terms Translation


Have you ever searched “Views” for a way to filter the taxonomy terms by language (as done for nodes), but you didn't find a way to do it?
Does “Views” also support that filter in taxonomies or only in nodes? How can I filter the taxonomy terms by language?

How to make a range selector filter in Views


So you think you've figured out everything with drupal and views until you get the request from a client that just cannot be done via stock Views;What was the request about? Making a select box with a range of values where all you have is a CCK number/float.Wait,what?impossible you say?No,not of course , not at all !

Limit the posts of a user per x-days


Hi.Recently a client and friend of mine asked me if we could somehow 'limit' the posts of a user per week or per day or per x-days . I told him that this was possible not only for a certain node content type but for all of the content types that a user could use ( or had permissions for ) .

Add a next and previous link to each node


Recenlty i wanted to add a next and previous link when a visitor reads the full node page ( the node.tpl.php actually e.g node/1 , node/2 etc ) , so the visitor would not have to go back to 'views-page' and click to another 'node link' and so on and so on .

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