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Articles about hacks

How to clean deleted fields from your Database


Sometimes, we start building content types with cutom fields through the old mighty CCK module, only to find out later that there is a different need or better approach for the specific field and we need to delete and recreate it.

Hook node_view and content


I was trying to remove some field collection items (with default values but only for one subfield) from a node and although everything was working fine nothing was changing. So what was i doing wrong then? Well there a "small" catch that it is not clear about the node object that is rendered inside the node_view hook.

Views and Taxonomy Terms Translation


Have you ever searched “Views” for a way to filter the taxonomy terms by language (as done for nodes), but you didn't find a way to do it?
Does “Views” also support that filter in taxonomies or only in nodes? How can I filter the taxonomy terms by language?

How to make a range selector filter in Views


So you think you've figured out everything with drupal and views until you get the request from a client that just cannot be done via stock Views;What was the request about? Making a select box with a range of values where all you have is a CCK number/float.Wait,what?impossible you say?No,not of course , not at all !

Autopopulate vocabulary taxonomy terms to a cck field


Some days ago ( 24.April.2012 ) i had to update an existing site . The customer wanted to make some changes like add new data on some cck fields and update some existing modules . According to his proposal i had to give him the option to autocorrect-edit-delete specific cck field values .


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