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Hook node_view and content


I was trying to remove some field collection items (with default values but only for one subfield) from a node and although everything was working fine nothing was changing. So what was i doing wrong then? Well there a "small" catch that it is not clear about the node object that is rendered inside the node_view hook.

How to add a custom class to a view row ?


Problem: I have a node default field called 'published' which is an list integer checkbox. When using Views to display a list of this content, I would like to add a css class to the item wrapper when that value is 1 like so:

Views and Taxonomy Terms Translation


Have you ever searched “Views” for a way to filter the taxonomy terms by language (as done for nodes), but you didn't find a way to do it?
Does “Views” also support that filter in taxonomies or only in nodes? How can I filter the taxonomy terms by language?

How to make a range selector filter in Views


So you think you've figured out everything with drupal and views until you get the request from a client that just cannot be done via stock Views;What was the request about? Making a select box with a range of values where all you have is a CCK number/float.Wait,what?impossible you say?No,not of course , not at all !

Exclude current authenticated user from a user list view ?


Lets say you want to build a view that displays all the common fields that the current authenticated user has with the rest of the website users . For example lets say that Mike wants to see all the other 'male' users of the website . When Mike filters the user-list view he gets his name to by default.

Ovveride Default Taxonomy Page only with views


I want to ovveride the default taxonomy-term.tpl.php theming list that drupal provides but without installing any other module . I just want to use the views-2 module . So how do we do it ?


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